Transitioning to Buying a New Home

At Smoger Properties we have a very special program for our residents.  Many of our residents eventually purchase single family homes.  We are happy to transition our residents from their Smoger Property rentals to their purchased homes.  If  you engage Smoger Realty, we will make that transition easy for you.  You will not have to have that extra worry about the timing of ending your lease and your closing date and therefore owing a rental payment and a mortgage payment at the same time.

Ilene J. Smoger is an independent licensed real estate broker, attorney, and owns and maintains rental properties.  With this background, Smoger Realty can provide some of the best advice possible about buying a new home.  We can answer many questions like, “Do I have enough money to purchase a home?”, “How much will maintenance cost me on average?”, and “How much do I need to save for big ticket items like a new air conditioner or roof?”.  We pride ourselves on integrity, consistency, and responsiveness in the home buying process.

At Smoger Realty, we only handle a few select clients.  We assist the residents of Smoger Properties, limited purchasers, limited listings in the Dallas area, and we represent individuals who want to purchase investment properties in the Dallas area.

If you are looking for a nice, well maintained home to rent, and then transition to purchase your own house, you have come to the right place.  We believe we are the only rental company offering this personal service.  For more information please visit Smoger Realty.