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This is what our residents have to say about renting from us:

Highly, Highly Recommend

After getting married, my husband and I wanted to find an affordable, good-sized place, but we didn’t want to move too far north. We looked everywhere, but the places we liked were all above what we wanted to pay monthly (we were moving away from uptown, so we didn’t want to keep paying uptown prices). The places that were on the more affordable side were slightly sketchy, with exactly one exception—Ilene’s properties. As soon as we reached out to her to look at the property, she was extremely accommodating with our schedules and very patiently answered all of our questions. She wasn’t pushy in any way and just genuinely seemed like a nice person.

Fast forward three years later, and my husband and I are only leaving her cute little duplex because we finally have the means to buy a house of our own. Although we are a younger couple, we both rented multiple different places throughout college and for several years after before meeting Ilene. We have never before had a landlord who was so responsive, friendly and responsible. It’s obvious she takes pride in her properties with the care and maintenance she puts into them. She personally knows each contractor she works with (and has been working with them for years), so it is easy for her to get someone out to your property promptly to look at any issues that may come up. She also makes an effort to get to know you, which comes in handy in so many different ways, and honestly, is quite refreshing coming from a landlord. At the same time, she respects your privacy, and I really felt like it was our own home for the entire time we lived there. Both my husband and I now consider Ilene a good friend, and I highly, highly recommend renting from her.


Candace & Cameron, April 2018

Most Accommodating

Ilene and Smoger Properties has made my life so much easier in the 6 years I have stayed with them. Ilene is one of the most accommodating and fair property managers I have ever known. If you have any issue, Ilene is absolutely willing to work with you to make sure everyone comes out happy. Aside from being one of the best landlords ever, the properties are well maintained and are very well priced. Everything from lease signing, maintenance, to…well anything…is handled quickly and fairly.

If I hadn’t found Smoger Properties, I fully believe that my move from NYC to Dallas would have been much worse. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Smoger Properties and will highly recommend them to anyone I know that I looking for a rental property in Dallas.

Thank You.

Alex Sanchez, April 2018

Forever Grateful

People come into your life for a reason. It was either dumb luck or divine intervention that I found my way to Lynda, Ilene and Smoger Properties. But whatever the reason I will forever be grateful I made my way to them. They are the reason my relocation to Texas from California has been a great experience and not a nightmare.

It is important that you like where you live and feel comfortable. There are thousands of houses and thousands of neighborhoods, but it is the people that make a community. Lynda immediately extended her friendship without a second glance. Ilene has been instrumental with referrals and advice that made the relocation and living environment as successful for my dog (yes, I’m one of those dog people).

Regardless where I end up, I know that I will always be grateful to Lynda and Ilene for the wonderful start they provided me. Listen, it is a no brainer, great properties, great location, but mostly great people. Life is full of hard decisions, renting from Smoger Properties is not one of them.

Sharon, December 2003

Very Cooperative & Quick Response

Thank you very much for being such a good property management company. Living at 3628 Stables Lane for the past five years has been a very pleasant experience for us largely due to the very cooperative and quick response manner in which you handled any requests we had regarding our duplex and for this we are most appreciative.

Kathy & Kent, March 2004

Truly Exceptional

Residing at 3628 Stables Lane has been a wonderful experience. Smoger Properties are truly exceptional. I have never experience such a wonderful Tenant/Landlord relationship. They are there for you, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that your residential experience is above par. They revived my thoughts on renting. I would refer them to anyone.

Nicole, September 2007

Truly Considerate

Smoger Properties has been an answer to prayer for me! My old place was going condo and I had to find a place to live in less than a month. Smoger Properties understood and were more than kind in helping me make the move. Now that I am a resident I have discovered the kindness just keeps coming. Anytime I have had a maintenance need or just a simple question they are there to help. Even on a holiday weekend they were both available to solve a maintenance problem. They are truly considerate and really care about their tenants (and even the tenant’s pets). I consider myself most fortunate to have discovered Smoger Properties.

Londa, September 2007

Wonderful Experience to a Newcomer

Renting at 3656 Rickshaw was a wonderful experience to a newcomer in the Dallas area. I moved here for a new job with my then 4 and 1 year old sons not knowing what was in store for my family. It means a lot to have your landlord and manager care about if you feel safe in the home. I also met wonderful lifelong neighbors for whom I would trust my children with. Had it not been for the distance I had to travel to work it would have been 4 years that we lived there. Smoger Properties is a wonderful place to live at a great rental price and I would recommend it to anyone!

Chandra, June 2009

Highly Recommend

We have rented the same duplex from Smoger Properties for over 5 years. In that time, we have not had too many problems but the problems we have had were promptly taken care of within a day. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to stay in our duplex and continue to rent from them. It is comforting to know that one of the other Smoger Property residents is just down the road or a phone call away to assist with any concerns we might have. We would highly recommend Smoger Properties to anyone looking to rent from a caring company.

AC & RG, July 2009

No Worries or Stress

Ignaccio and I lived on Stables Lane for three years with absolutely no worries or stress over property management. Our duplex had several unique features and was beautifully maintained. They were terrific to deal with and handled every service request on a timely basis. They took an active interest in the neighborhood and creating a sense of community and well-being. We received frequent emails from Ilene regarding safety issues, property maintenance tips and cost-cutting tips. Even our move-out was made so much easier by the general information and excellent service referrals they provided.

Mel & Ignaccio, April 2010

Wonderful Experience

We’ve been renting from Smoger Properties for four years and have had a wonderful experience living on Stables Lane. We have enjoyed getting to know all the friendly residents in the neighborhood and will miss them very much. My sons have enjoyed playing in the little park nearby. We feel very blessed to have such helpful, nice, and professional landlords.

Liza & Eric, May 2010

Strongly Recommend

After renting the duplex from Smoger Properties for almost 7 years, we will be moving out due to job promotion. The communication between us and Smoger Properties helped the move out process go smooth. We can only hope our next landlord will provide the outstanding service they have provided over the years. We strongly recommend Smoger Properties to anyone looking for a rental home within Dallas area.

AC & RG, Dallas, December 2010

Straight Out of College

We were a young couple straight out of college and we were very lucky to find Smoger Properties in a time crunch. They had an open unit in a four-plex on Rickshaw Dr. and it was perfect for our needs. Anytime we needed something done, they were more than willing to work with us to make it as convenient and quick as possible. Our 2 years of renting from them could not have been a more enjoyable experience and [we] would still be living there if we had not bought a house. Needless to say, we would recommend anyone to Smoger Properties.

Grant & Stephanie, July 2011

A Grateful Tenant

As a grateful tenant on Stables Lane for almost eleven years, it is my pleasure to highly recommend Ilene Smoger, her properties and her management company. Through all these years Ms. Smoger has never failed to immediately respond to and answer any and all of my concerns, as both a property owner/manager and a friend. I cannot imagine a more responsible, diligent and dependable landlord in the maintenance of her properties in this queit, safe and well-kept neighborhood. This is a great place to live.
Smoger Properties is a five-star company. Ilene Smoger is a six-star person.

Pat, September 2012

Desperately Seeking the Perfect Place

As a single girl with a really big dog, I was desperately looking for the perfect place with a yard for my pup (and an open minded owner). Having a full time job made house hunting difficult but I called Ilene and we immediately set up a showing for that afternoon. I walked through the house and told her I’d take it! That was the best in the moment decision I have made. Not only was my place on Stables well maintained and clean (with brand new carpet and paint) Ilene has been so flexible with me and my dog Leo. Anytime I had a maintenance issues (which was rare) they were resolved immediately and with my schedule in mind. Best place and best management I’ve ever had!
I only wish she owned property in Florida so I could rent from her again.

Leighanne Shelton, April 2013